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    In the South American country of Bolivia, the Salar de Uyuni salt flat stretches for over 4,000 square miles, making it the largest in the world.

    Captivated by the area for years, Japanese photographer Asako Shimizu made her way there in 2006, and captured the unique way in which the sky is reflected on the ground.

    The Remarkable Landscape of the Largest Salt Flat in the World

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  6. Even if you know what’s coming, you’re never prepared for how it feels.
    Natalie Standiford, How to Say Goodbye in Robot (via larmoyante)

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  7. most of the dev team ;)  (at The Bean @ Millennium Park)

    most of the dev team ;) (at The Bean @ Millennium Park)

  8. dream (at Millennium Park)

    dream (at Millennium Park)

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