1. truebluemeandyou:

    DIY Easy Cat Embroidered Mittens with Knitted Bows Tutorial from Squeaky Swing here. I used Chrome to automatically translate from German to English. These would make really cute gifts for cat lovers. *Tip: Don’t know how to knit? Buy knit gloves to do the embroidery on and use another type of bow.

  2. The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - FANCY FINGERS!
  3. ivanfilios:

Mistbow & Boats Stairdam by angus clyne on Flickr.
  4. To be a tree in your forest by kelly.marie on Flickr.
  5. theprettypretties:

Lace by Jumei.
  6. m-as-tu-vu:

Charmeuse d’Antan ..*


    Charmeuse d’Antan ..*

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