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    Breakfast’s really important to start your day right. Bacon and eggs or a bagel and cream cheese? Both tempting decisions. You opt for the less fattening option of bagel and ream cheese. But guess what? That’s what’s really making you fat.

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    Bananas may have more nutrients but they fill you up and give you the same sugar crash as a cookie. 

    Some foods fill you up and others leave you feeling hungry.  There’s a science to that: it’s called satiety. 

    Three easy swaps to help you feel full throughout the day:

    • Replace breakfast cereal with all-bran for a 30% improvement
    • Replace bananas with oranges for a 71% improvement
    • Replace potato chips with popcorn for a 69% improvement

    View the full infographic.

    Learn more about the science of satiety and the glycemic index:

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    Tips on delicious recipes with a high satiety index:

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Sandworm Size Chart

For the geek in me ;)


    Sandworm Size Chart

    For the geek in me ;)

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  7. Oh I do love a good infographic.

    Oh I do love a good infographic.

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Great palette.

weather chart as typography (Ryan Frease), part of last year’s Alphabattle
via LetterCult


    Great palette.


    weather chart as typography (Ryan Frease), part of last year’s Alphabattle

    via LetterCult

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