1. cactus flower #macro

    cactus flower #macro

  2. African violets #macro

    African violets #macro

  3. Stoking The Fire by ~Kerry Murphy on Flickr.
  4. One perceives all created things — solids, liquids, gases,… - but does it float
  5. Macro Reef Dwellers: A Retrospective « Felix Salazar
  6. Moscow, Russia-based photographer Andrew Osokin captures tiny, fragile snowflakes that exist in the harsh, cold winter.

    In his series of macro photographs, he reveals the flakes of snow that would normally go unnoticed, and get crushed up under our feet or into a snowman.

    The individual shots show the complex, mesmerizing geometry of snowflakes that are almost magically created—reflecting the tiny details in this large universe—before being melted away forever.

    [via Andrew Osokin]

    Beautiful Macro Shots Of Snowflakes
  7. She’d Always Been A Ginger At Heart by ~Kerry Murphy on Flickr.
  8. Tiny trio by annkelliott on Flickr.

    Tiny trio by annkelliott on Flickr.

  9. Dew On Purple Petals by Mabry Campbell on Flickr.
  10. Happenstance by ~Kerry Murphy on Flickr.

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